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Dining Services

Tomatos and lettuce

Nutrition and Dietary Restrictions

Dining Services offers a variety of tools and resources to assist customers with finding options that will work for them. Visit the links below to see a few of the ways we communicate nutrition info to our customers. For additional questions or inquiries regarding nutrition or dietary restrictions, please contact our dietitian. Consultations and presentations via Zoom are available. 


Dining Services utilizes icons and signage to label allergens, healthy options, and items that meet dietary restrictions. Read more about our icons.

Dietary Restrictions

Dining Services uses a variety of ingredients and recipes to provide options for students who have allergies, are vegetarian or vegan, follow Halal diets, or have other dietary restrictions. Read more about our options for customers with dietary restrictions.


Nutrition facts, allergen info, and ingredient lists are available for most dining services menu items served at the Dining Centers, Carlita's, and the Espresso Bars. Visit NetNutrition for more information.


To provide the WSU community with resources regarding nutrition, exercise, and general health, Dining Services developed the myNutrition site. Visit myNutrition to learn more about nutrition, living a healthy lifestyle, and helpful links for more information on nutrition and exercise.