A sandwich, chips, a cookie, and fruit on a plate.

Express Menu

Great for meetings, conferences, events on-the-go, and student events, the express menu can easily adapt to your space. There are a range of options to meet the needs of varying food preferences and accommodations.

The menus below are designed for delivery or pickup

  • Pizza

    16 inch with 8 slices | Individual 7 inch Gluten Free Pizza 

    • Pepperoni
    • Supreme
    • Meat Lover’s
    • Hawaiian
    • Chicken Ranch
    • Barbeque Chicken
    • Vegetarian
    • Extra Cheese

    Additional Topping Options Include: mushrooms, black olives, bell peppers, pineapple, onions

  • Boxed Meals

    All meals include chef’s choice salad, cookies, chips, and bottled water.

    Up to 9 boxed meals: 1 choice and 1 vegetarian
    10 - 20 boxed meals: 2 choices plus 1 vegetarian
    21 - 50 boxed meals: 3 choices plus 1 vegetarian
    51 or more boxed meals: 4 choices plus 1 vegetarian

  • Deli Sandwich Selection

    All deli sandwiches served on a telera roll

    •   Roast beef/cheddar
    •   Chicken/provolone
    •   Smoked turkey/provolone
    •   Ham/Swiss
    •   Red pepper hummus with vegetables
  • Gourmet Sandwich Selection

    • Grilled Chicken: grilled chicken breast with provolone cheese,
      leaf lettuce, avocado spread, and basil mayonnaise
    • Grilled Portobello with Provolone: sliced portobello mushroom grilled with balsamic vinaigrette, provolone cheese, leaf lettuce, red onion and tomato
    • Turkey & Bacon: cheddar with leaf lettuce and stoneground mayonnaise
    • Cranberry Grape Chicken
  • Wrap Selection

    • Turkey Club: spring mix, deli shaved turkey, shredded mozzarella cheese, diced roma tomatoes, bacon with ranch dressing in a tomato wrap
    • Chicken Caesar: spring mix, diced chicken breast, shredded parmesan cheese, tossed with Caesar dressing in a tomato wrap
    • Falafel: spring mix, green falafel, feta cheese, diced roma tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced black olives, and lemon tahini dressing in a garlic wrap
    • Greek: spring mix, feta cheese, diced roma tomatoes, cucumbers, sliced black olives, with light Italian dressing in a spinach wrap
  • Salad Selections

    • Grilled Chicken Caesar: sliced breast of chicken served over spring mix, garnished with tomato, and lemon wedge, served with side packets of parmesan cheese and croutons, and Caesar dressing
    • Roasted Beet: spring mix with roasted marinated beets, fresh mozzarella, toasted farro and citrus vinaigrette
    • Classic Chef: spring mix with deli sliced turkey, ham and roast beef, cheddar and Swiss cheeses, tomato, and hard-boiled egg with ranch dressing
    • Current Seasonal Roasted Vegetable & Lentil: spring mix, roasted vegetables, lentils, fresh herbs, and champagne vinaigrette dressing
A sandwich, kettle cooked chips, a cookie, and pasta salad.
A turkey wrap.
Several sandwiches.
A wrap, chips, pasta, and a brownie.