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Dining Services

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Sustainability at WSU Dining Services

Dining Services supports Washington State University’s sustainability initiative by using locally grown and produced ingredients, sourcing sustainable seafood, and recycling and composting our waste products. Explore the links below to learn more about WSU Dining Service’s sustainable practices and certifications.

Plant-Based Options:

Dining Services offers a variety of plant-based food options on campus. We also host Less Meat Mondays at our dining centers, which encourages students to think about the environmental and nutritional benefits of eating less meat.

Local Sourcing:

To increase the sustainability of our operations and be involved in our community, we purchase local ingredients and integrate them into our recipes wherever possible. Read more about local sourcing.


Dining Services has multiple certifications that reflect our sustainability efforts. In 2017, all three of our dining centers became Level 1 Certified Green® Restaurants. We also serve MSC-certified seafood in our dining centers. In 2018, we obtained a three-star SPE certification for our commitment to using sustainable, nutrient dense ingredients in our meals.  

Other Sustainability Initiatives:

Dining Services is committed to conserving natural resources and the environment through our composting and recycling initiatives. We also collaborate with other campus partners for the WSU Food Recovery Program to repackage leftover food items and distribute them to community members in need. In addition, all basil served at Southside Café is grown using hydroponics through a partnership with Eggert Family Organic Farm.