Customer Service

WSU Dining Services Core Values: COUGS

(We are)


We extend grace and respect to all people, nurturing individual growth.

We champion student success


We have an intentional focus on environmental stewardship and promote sustainable, ethical practices.

We are present every day, promoting camaraderie and safety in the workplace.


We value diversity and are committed to a culture of teamwork and collaboration.

We value authenticity and humor, cultivating a fun and harmonious work atmosphere.


We are bold and take risks, fostering creativity, innovation, and freedom of expression.

We learn from our mistakes, taking responsibility for our actions and holding ourselves and each other accountable.


We communicate professionally and honestly.  We are open, ethical, and fair. We keep our word.

What makes a visit to a dining center, a café, a coffee shop, or a market an extraordinary experience? Receiving good tasting, quality product? Yes! Getting in and out in a timely fashion? Of course! Enjoying your meal in a comfortable and clean environment? Definitely! But are these elements the makings of an extraordinary experience or are we just meeting a guest’s basic expectations?

To move beyond a pleasant experience to an extraordinary experience requires each member of the team to work together. Providing authentic service for all our guests every time they visit one of our locations is at the heart of the Dining Services mission.

So how do we do this?

  • Be Here Now. Be present both physically and mentally.
  • Be Prepared. Be presentable and ready to serve.
  • Be Consistent. Build a connection with every guest, every time.
  • Be Appreciative. Convey gratitude for your role within the University and the guests who choose your location.
  • Be Personable. Be true to yourself and serve with style and a smile.