Welcome to our Team

Welcome to Washington State University Dining Services!

Hello, and thank you for choosing Dining Services as your place of employment while at Washington State University.

We are the largest employer of students on the Washington State University campus and take pride in hiring service-oriented individuals who enjoy working with other people.  You have made a great choice!   Our student employees have many opportunities for advancement, and you will learn skills to assist in furthering your future career. We offer a wide variety of positions from which to choose, with flexible schedules to meet your academic schedule.

The information provided in this handbook is essential for your success in Dining Services. After reading this information, please sign the Handbook Receipt page indicating you have read and understand the material presented within. Turn this page in to your Supervisor. On the last page, you will also have the opportunity to choose whether or not to allow  Washington State University to release any information about your employment with us.

On behalf of the entire management team, welcome!   

Sarah Larson, Director of Dining Services

Jason Butcherite, Associate Director of Residential Dining

Jacqui Edinger, Assistant Director of Retail Dining

Sean Greene, Associate VC of Facilities and Operations



Dining Services strives to offer inclusive menu options and accommodate all dietary restrictions. If guests have questions regarding allergens in an item, gluten-free options, or other dietary restrictions, ask a manager. When guests have questions regarding allergens in a product or other special dietary requirements, have a manager assist in answering their questions so that Dining Services provides accurate information. If guests have concerns regarding finding menu items to meet their special dietary needs, refer them to the Dietitian.


Martha Triay Quijano, MS, RDN Registered Dietitian/              Health & Wellness Coordinator m.triay-quijano@wsu.edu
(509) 335-4785


Washington State University Dining Services is a team of experienced culinary and hospitality professionals dedicated to supporting academic development and success by providing world class food and service. To achieve this, we have a clear commitment to

  • Culinary excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Well-being
  • Customer service
  • Fiscal responsibility

Washington State University Dining Services strives to be a nationally recognized dining program for exceptional food, service, and sustainable practices.