• You are required to clock in via Workday at your assigned time (not before) in uniform and ready to work. Clock out when leaving the work area.
  • Notify your immediate supervisor or a Student Manager before you leave your work area; check out with your immediate supervisor or a Student Manager at the end of your work shift. 
  • Poor customer service will not be tolerated.
  • Off-duty employees are not to be in any work area or closed facilities.
  • Excessive visiting with friends while on duty, whether they are working or not, is not allowed.
  • Personal calls will not be made or taken on Dining Services phones except in cases of emergency or to call Women’s Transit.
  • Theft of food, equipment, etc., will elicit disciplinary and possible legal action.
  • Unauthorized or unpaid consumption of food, including leftovers, will be treated as theft.
  • Studying or reading while on duty is not allowed.
  • Eating, chewing gum or tobacco, or smoking is not allowed on the job.
  • Headphones and cell phones are not allowed while working.
  • Earbuds can be used, but only 1 earbud is allowed to be worn at a time, and only allowed to be worn when you are not in the FOH (Front of House) serving areas. Areas like the dishroom, storeroom, pots and pans areas, BOH (Back of House) kitchen when prepping are some examples where you may wear 1 earbud. Earbuds are never allowed in the FOH areas, including but not limited to any forward facing platforms, prepping stations, serving customers, etc.  The volume must be at an appropriate level that allows employees to communicate with each other and hear each other.
  • Horseplay or roughhousing while on duty will not be tolerated.
  • Use of obscene language is prohibited.
  • Working under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be tolerated.
  • Insubordination will not be tolerated.
  • Record falsification, i.e., clock-ins/outs, schedules, etc., will be treated as theft.
  • All offices are for official Dining Services business at all times.

All WSU equipment, such as a copiers, computers, or fax machines, are for business use only and never for personal use.

Awareness and responsibility to report violations of these policies are part of each employee’s duties. If you witness any type of inappropriate personal conduct, contact Management immediately.