Rewards and Benefits


The COUGS AWARDS program recognizes employees who exceed our expectations and benefit Dining Services with their actions and attitudes. If you are nominated for a COUGS AWARD you will have exemplified one of our Dining Values in some way: Considerate, Obligated, United, Genuine and/or Sincere. Look in your employing dining facility for more specific information about this program. WE ARE COUGS! Each week 2 COUGS AWARD recipients from each unit will receive a COUGS AWARD Earned Meal Slip good for up to 1 week from issue. 


You are eligible for an Earned Meal if you work 4 or more hours per day in one unit. Earned Meals may be used after working 4 or more hours total in one day or during a break within those 4 hours to be worked. Only one Earned Meal can be earned per day. The cashier will not process the sale without an Earned Meal Slip. After ringing up the sale, the cashier will have you sign the Earned Meal Slip and your receipt. Any food purchased with an Earned Meal Slip must be consumed on the premises and only by the employee who earned the meal. To-go containers are not allowed for food purchased with an Earned Meal Slip. Your Earned Meal Slips must be used at the facility where they are earned. The Slip must be used within 24 hours of the issued time and date; if the Earned Meal Slip is not used during that time frame, it is no longer valid. If you spend over the current maximum Earned Meal price, you must repay the difference. If you use the Earned Meal Slip after it expires or without working the minimum 4-hour shift, you will have to pay it back. Earned Meal Slips are never allowed to be used in the Markets.


You will receive on-the-job training for your core duties, as well as required online trainings via Canvas. You will receive a link from your manager to enroll in the virtual classroom in Canvas. We want you to be successful and feel comfortable with your job duties. Our training programs, job descriptions, and one-on-one instruction will help you learn to do your job successfully and efficiently. Please ask questions if you feel you need more training on any tasks you are assigned to perform.

You are required to obtain your Food Worker Card within 14 days of your start date. You can go to to take the course. There is a $10 fee. 


Our goal is to create an extraordinary student experience, with a focus on supporting learning and growth through developmental opportunities. Students are encouraged to be active partners in their professional and personal development. Take the initiative to ask questions, volunteer for projects, set a positive example for others, and to ask supervisors about opportunities for improvement and additional training, including opportunities to advance to Work Area Lead (WAL) and Student Manager (SM) positions.

Our Student Manager in Training (SMIT) program prepares selected students to be leaders and problem solvers in Dining Services facilities. This experience is invaluable for your personal growth, compensation, and future employability. Any one interested should ask a Manager or a Student Manager for details.


Your work information will be kept on file so you can use your Dining Services experience on your resume. We must have your signature on file in order to release your information to prospective employers. See the Reference Authorization on page 19.