Personal Attire

Dress Code

In accordance with safety and sanitation policies, shoes and clothing must be appropriate at all times while at work. Any exception to the uniform policy must be approved by the Manager of the Dining Center where the employee works.


Everyone must wear a Dining Services shirt, blue or black jeans, apron, name tag, and hat at all times. Check with your Manager for specific requirements.

You will be issued a Dining Services hat (see page 19). You are required to wear the hat with the bill forward when you are at work. Hair that touches the collar must be pulled back securely. See the Dining Services Policies and Procedures Manual for Student Manager, Student Supervisor, Markets, Espresso Bars, and Special Events dress codes. 

Please adhere to the following policies prior to punching in:

  • Dining Services shirts will be worn at all times while working, with the exception of Cougar Fridays, in which you may wear Cougar shirts and WSU hats.
  • Blue or black jeans will be worn around the waist at all times.
  • Clothing must be clean and free of holes, rips, or tears.
  • Dining Services hats will be worn at all times with the bill pointing forward. If the Dining Services issued baseball cap cannot and does not reasonably restrain the employee's hair for the work position in which the employee is assigned, the employee may work with the manager and opt to wear any of the following hair restraining options listed here:
    • Baseball cap with a hairnet
    • Hairnet alone
    • Visor with hairnet
    • Visor with hair secured in a braid or bun
  • Hair must be pulled back off of the face, neck, and shoulders. It must be secured in a braid or bun.
  • Shoes must have soft, slip-resistant soles that completely cover the foot.
  • Shoes with open-weave fabric or open heels, sandals, flip-flops, and slippers are not allowed.
  • Shorts may be worn at Campus picnics only and must be two inches above the knee or longer.

Washington Administrative Code 246-215-031 is in force and states: (1) “Unless wearing intact single-use gloves in good repair, a food employee may not wear fingernail polish or artificial fingernails while preparing food.” (2) “While preparing food, employees may not wear watches or jewelry on their arms or hands. Plain band rings may be worn if covered by a glove in good repair.” If an employee is in violation of the dress code, they will be sent home to change.

Note: Some Dining Services facilities may have dress codes that are different than those described above. Check with your Manager to see if this applies to you.


Lockers are available at all units. Employees must provide their own locks. If you do not have access to a locker, ask a Manager to specify where you can store your belongings. We strongly encourage you to leave your personal belongings at home to ensure that they are protected from theft. You will not be allowed to keep your personal belongings in the work area.

Personal cell phones are for emergency use only.