We understand that school is your first priority while at WSU, so we at Dining Services have created a policy that you can only work a maximum of 19.5 hours per week. Student employees are those who are currently enrolled for six or more credit hours at WSU. 

If you are a WSU student, your employment is limited to 516 hours (including overtime) in six consecutive months, excluding vacation periods. Exceptions to this policy include working in your major field of study, in a student body office, in a news staff position, or in an approved WSU internship. A written certification from your major or minor advisor is required and will be kept in your student file.  See WAC 357-04-040 at for more information. See your supervisor for majors and minors that qualify


Overtime, while not encouraged, is allowed at certain times during the school year. Overtime must be preapproved by management on an individual basis when work exceeds a 40-hour week in accordance with WAC 251-09-020, which you can view at: Violations of this policy may result in termination.

 BREAK ALLOWANCES (see WAC 296-126-092)



3 hours or less No break
3 hours or more One 10-minute paid break
5 hours to 6.5 hours* One 10-minute paid break and one 30-minute unpaid break
6.5 hours or more Two 10-minute paid breaks and one 30-minute unpaid break

*If you are scheduled for more than five consecutive hours, a 30-minute unpaid break is mandatory and must be taken before 5 hours have been worked.