Disciplinary Guidelines-2

At the discretion of a Supervisor or Manager, a Form B or Form C may be issued as a result of unacceptable behavior or performance.

Note: Reminder = Friendly Reminder

Failure to produce a Food Worker Card within 14 days of employment (May be followed by a Form C) Removal from shifts (Layoff)    
Improper use of work time Reminder or Form B Form C  
Using a cell phone while on the clock  Reminder Form B Form C
Engaging in horseplay Reminder or Form B Form C  
Insubordination Form C    
Smoking of any substance or consuming intoxicants while on duty or being on the property during working hours while intoxicated (or similar behavior involving narcotics, psychedelics, or the illegal use of drugs of any type) Form C    
Provoking or instigating a fight or fighting during work hours; threatening, intimidating, coercing, or interfering with fellow employees or guests Form C    
Unauthorized use of a University vehicle Form C    
Unauthorized use of University property and resources; unauthorized use of another employee’s property  Form C    
Willfully misusing, destroying, or damaging any University or Dining Services property or the property of any employee or student Form C    
Violation of the Dress Code/Hygiene Policy  Reminder Form B  Form C
Deliberately contributing to unsanitary or unhealthful conditions Form C    
Storing of personal belongings in a non-designated area Reminder Form B Form C