Disciplinary Guidelines-4


If you do not agree that a disciplinary Form C was warranted, you may appeal it. A Form B and Friendly Reminder cannot be appealed. You have five working days from receiving the Form C to complete Steps 1 through 3 shown below.

STEP 1: Discuss the form with the Student Manager, Manager, or whomever issued the form.

STEP 3: If still dissatisfied, contact the General Manager within five working days of receiving the Form C, and notify them that you are appealing the decision. The General Manager will discuss your concerns with you and will consult with the Associate Manager if applicable. A decision will be made and will be communicated to you both verbally and in writing. A copy of this decision will also be sent to the Associate Director of Dining Services.

STEP 4: If you are dissatisfied with the decision you received in Step 3, you may write a formal appeal within five working days after you received the written response. A formal appeal consists of a letter representing your point of view, a copy of the Form C, and a copy of the Dining Center's response that you received in Step 3. Send your formal appeal and accompanying documents to:

Attention: Associate Director of Dining Services

>Washington State University
Dining Services
PO Box 646005
Pullman, WA 99164-6005

Failure to comply with these specific procedures in the timeframes outlined in this Handbook will result in the denial of your appeal. The Associate Director of Dining Services will review the appeal and the circumstances surrounding the discipline and may propose an alternative outcome for the student. If this outcome is acceptable to the student, the solution will be documented verbally and in writing. If no alternative outcome is proposed, the Appeals Board will meet for a Hearing in a timely manner and all information will be kept confidential as permitted by law.

When all are present, the Chairperson will read the letter of complaint, followed by the response statement from the General Manager involved. Every party involved and each of their witnesses will be asked to make a statement. The Appeals Board will have the opportunity to ask questions after statements are given. The Board must make its decision within three working days. Fairness is guaranteed by the diversity and impartiality of the Board members. All decisions made by the Board are final within Dining Services.

The Appeals Board decision is communicated to the General Manager who issued the original appealed form. A written response, signed by both the Manager and the Appeals Board Chairperson, will be given to the employee within five days of the decision.

The Appeals Board shall consist of the following members:

1. Associate Director of Dining Services, Chair

2. Manager

3. Student Manager

4. Student Employee

5. Student Employee